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Take advantage of special prices and last minute rates for car rental reservations all over the country offered by discount travel agencies and car rental companies. Many of the extras, such as insurance and tax, are often not included in the prices quoted by these sites, and such charges vary from company to company, so some additional research is required before finding the best last-minute rental deal.

Following are a list of car rental companies that offer special last minute rates.

Tips on Savings on Last Minute Car Rentals

Outside the major car rental agencies such as Hertz, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Alamo, and National, there are smaller, lesser known companies that offer discounted car rentals. The upsides to renting with such a discounter is obvious, it’ll cost less money. The down sides vary. Some use older or second hand cars. Other agencies are very small, perhaps with a single location, and services will be far less extensive than the major players (which is important should anything go wrong). But if you’re willing to take the slight risk with an older car or a smaller rental company, chances are you’ll pay less than at a major car rental agency.
  • Avoid Airports: Car rental agencies at airport locations often charge “airport location fees” and security taxes that can add significantly to the cost of your car rental. The same car that would cost $22 a day at the airport might run for $17 at a downtown or other location. Many off-airport rental agencies within striking distance of the terminal offer free shuttles and cheaper rates.

  • Stay the week: Sometimes weekly rates can be cheaper than three day rentals (daily), especially at the top rental agencies.

  • Go clubbing: Frequent renter clubs, with names like AAA or Gold Service, or Emerald Club, are free to join and usually gets discounts of at least five to ten percent on each rental.

  • Fill up: Make sure you never return a rental car with less gas in the tank than when you got it. Fuel surcharges can double and triple the price per gallon you’d pay at a regular gas station.

  • Double Insurance: Avoid taking duplicate insurance you already have.

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