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How to Cancel your Car Rental Reservation

the cancellation differs from supplier to supplier some don't even allow cancellation.

If you are worried about emergencies that will require you to change your plans, you may want to consider purchasing Trip Protection from Travel Insurance.

When you make a reservation a automatic email with reservation details are generated. Please follow the instructions in the email for cancellation. Some suppliers provide email/phone no to contact the support center or others provide you with a link where you fill up the cancellation form and log into your account and once inside you may choose to cancel your reservation. (example Car Rental Cancellation Link)

If you need to modify the dates it is better to contact the support center by using the email address/phone as may be provided by the supplier at the time of reservation.

If you have made a reservation using Priceline

> Rentals are sold on an all sales final basis.
Once your request is accepted, your reservation will be non cancellable and non refundable.

If you have made a reservation using Hotwire

This is what Hotwire Says..
All purchases made on Hotwire are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, changed, exchanged or transferred. Change fees are not an option. If our travel partners can be absolutely confident that the products they sell through Hotwire will be used in the exact way they were sold, they can offer deeply discounted rental cars. These restrictions enable the car rental companies to better manage their unsold rental cars. It is a big reason why we can offer you great travel deals.
The pricing and information presented to you on our web site is obtained automatically from the car rental companies. We have no control over this information. If you need further details you should contact the car rental company directly.

Every Company has a cancellation policy, so be sure to read the car rental cancellation policy before reserving/cancelling a reservation as some companies charge penalty.

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